Pants That Fit

  • Customized Pants Patterns
  • Professionally Tailored Pants

Diana is a pants designer trained in specialized fitting methods developed by Joyce Simmons Murphy of
JSM Tailoring Tools and Teaching™.

Begin with a private consultation and a pants fitting at your first appointment. A pattern is drafted for custom fit and your style choices. Choose the hem width, waistline finish, pockets and closure details. Custom pattern prices include a test pant.

Once your pattern is ready, you can...

  • Choose to construct your own pants, using JSM Patterns™ Pants instruction booklet. Additional individualized sewing instruction is available per hour and is scheduled at your convenience.
  • OR
  • Have Diana professionally tailor your custom pants. Prices vary according to styles and the cost of fabrics.

Learn more at: JSM Tailoring Tools and Teaching™

Diana Winget Olson • Bloomington, Minnesota • 952.831.6898