How To... Just For You

Individualized instruction is available for all phases of garment construction. Choose help with pattern adjustments for fit, construction demonstrations or simply a fitting to mark a hem. Just the help you need to complete your creations.

How many times did you buy twice for special occasions? First you purchased luscious fabric either still in your "stash" or maybe cut and unfinished because you ran into a problem. "Plan B", you purchased a garment at the last minute so you actually had something to wear. A little help can revive the dream.

Instruction is available by the hour. Shared sessions can be arranged.

Internship Opportunities For Fashion Design Students

Diana mentors students through internships. For consideration, e-mail your request with an attached list of completed classes and your resume. We will meet to view samples of your work, discuss your internship goals and long term career goals.

Diana Winget Olson • Bloomington, Minnesota • 952.831.6898