Custom Clothing

  • Bridal and attendant gowns
  • Mothers' gowns and ensembles
  • Christening gowns and sailor suits
  • Women's tailored suits & coats
  • Copy of favorite garment or vintage design

Begin with a complimentary design consultation. Bring a sketch, photograph, commercial pattern, length of fabric, favorite garment or anything that inspires you. We will work with your budget when exploring design ideas and fabric options. Prices vary based on complexity of design and construction time required.

A written work agreement defines your design, fabric choices and labor costs. Work begins after the agreement is accepted by both parties.

We'll schedule an initial appointment to take body measurements. The next appointment will clarify design detail positions and adjust fit on the toile, a test garment. Then your fashion fabric is cut and construction begins. One or two additional fittings are necessary to fine tune the fit and to mark the hem.

Diana Winget Olson • Bloomington, Minnesota • 952.831.6898